Logos & Visual Branding


Your visual brand is important to your business

Your business logo is the visual cornerstone of your brand and makes your business and products recognizable. Your logo design should make a statement and your clients should understand your business personality simply by looking at your logo.

As former marketing director and marketing manager for several small businesses before starting Pink Champagne Designs, I can’t stress enough the important of your company’s image!

We're here for you and your business.

We specialize in logo design and logo re-design for small businesses. We can either create a new logo design or give your logo a little facelift with a re-design.

Custom small business logo design includes all your visual elements: primary logo design, secondary logo design, custom color palette, and typography files. Custom logo design package starts at $700 and logo re-designs start at $400. General timeline is 4-6 weeks for new logo designs.

Does your logo need a little updating or are you looking for something new? Let's chat! And visit our small business blog for resources to support your growing small business.

General process


We first get a better understanding of your branding goals and needs. This can be over email or phone. After the consultation, we will email you a personalized strategy with estimate and time line.


After we understand your branding wishes, we ask you to complete a brief branding questionnaire. This questionnaire is intended to reveal any overall vision or ideas you have for your brand . You will also be asked to create a Pinterest board of inspiring images for your brand. This helps us understand not only what inspires you, but also your vision for your company.


Whether it be designing your logo, refreshing your brand, or creating a business card, we will be in constant communication with you about your branding every step of the way.


As soon as we email you your files, you’re ready to use them as you please. You will own full distribution rights and copyrightownership.